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Preventing 'Unwanted' Alarms

In 2014-15 local authority fire and rescue services attended around 216,000 false fire alarms. This figure
represents 44% of all reported incidents, which means that local authorities attended more false alarms than actual
fires throughout the year.

The measures to limit false alarms are divided into eight groups:
  • Siting and selection of manual call points
  • Selection and siting of automatic fire detectors
  • Selection of system type
  • Protection against electromagnetic interference
  • Performance monitoring of newly commissioned systems
  • Filtering measures
  • System management
  • Regular servicing and maintenance
Appropriate and effective technology is one of the key drivers for monitoring the above and reducing the costs of false alarms for fire-detection
and fire-alarm systems.
The clause in Section 3 of BS5839-1:2017 recommends that any false alarm investigation and subsequent
modifications to a system takes into account the guidance provided. Note: Any organisation undertaking
false alarm investigations and related remedial work should be able to demonstrate their competence to undertake
such work. Drax is committed to delivering the highest level of support to customers. One of the ways we deliver
on this promise is through the transparency of technology. 

Enabling users to demonstrate that every possible step has been taken to protect both life safety and property has become much more important as a result of enforcement of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Having a maintenance contract is no guarantee that your fire alarm is being maintained to manufacturer or inductry standards described in BS5839-1:2017 or obligations under BAFE scheme or LPS1014

We developed IRIS in response to customer demands for proof of maintenance and FIA initiatives to raise safety standards across the industry. Find out more here.
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