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Learning is a treasure which accompanies its owner everywhere

During one of this weeks engineer meetings we had a lot of questions about the new FIA qualifications, which were announced last week. It seemed apt to post a brief note explaining the four new qualifications that are being launched. There is one designed for each of the four job roles within Fire Detection and Alarm Servicing.
Designer          Installer           Manufacturer          Commissioner

They are level 3 or A-Level equivalent on the Qualifications Curriculum Framework (QCF) in the UK which would translate to a Level 4 on the European Qualifications Framework. Back in 2014 the Fire Industry Association gained recognition with all the national regulators for qualifications in England (OFQUAL), Wales (QIW) and Northern Ireland (CCEA) therefore the FIA AO is the new official awarding organisation for qualifications in the fire industry and as such each of these qualifications are recognised.

There are four sections to complete for each qualification before they can be awarded. Moreover, the first three components you need to pass are identical, therefore if you wish to complete each qualification you only need to carry out the fourth component to gain subsequent certification once you have completed the first three.

The new training programme is as robust as ever before but after extensive research now has more content, more advanced knowledge, is longer, formalised and links to other aspects of FD&A systems. Additional needs will be assessed and additional resources made readily available to assist. Candidates needn’t have prior learning or experience to embark on this new programme.

The first classes can be booked from June and you can find out more information by visiting the FIA website here.

Drax always value our staff and work with the FIA to improve and maintain excellence within this industry. We would be happy to discuss the different training and skillset management that we have in place with our current engineers and should anyone wish to express interest in working with us, we are experiencing a period of vast growth so please visit our current vacancies page and get in touch.

Taking Fire Safety to the Traveller Community

Members of the Gypsy and Traveller community have been taught basic fire safety in a bid to reduce small-scale incidents at sites. The training, delivered by Paul Dean, Watch Manager for Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service, has been provided in an attempt to prevent small fires from growing into bigger ones at events such as the Appleby Horse Fair.

Billy Welch and his team, who manage the historic Fair Hill site in Appleby, received the training in how to reduce and control fires, which can often spread extremely quickly when it comes to caravans and vehicles parked close together – as is often the case at such events.

Mr Dean, who oversaw the training, said: “The training involved instructing the Gypsy and Traveller community in maintaining public safety on the Fair Hill site by being able and willing to undertake the ‘first attack’ principal, to prevent small fires growing into larger fires.

“The training involved giving instruction in how to use portable extinguishers to put out small fires e.g. rubbish fires, bin fires, BBQs or campfires which may spread and could threaten to get out of control.”

As well as reducing the risk of fires starting at the Fair, the training is also aimed at cutting the number of call-outs the Fire service have to deal with each year related to easily manageable fire incidents on site in Appleby, Cumbria.

The initiative, which saw a number of extinguishers handed out, also aims to lessen the number of emergency vehicles needed to make progress through what is always a very busy town, but one that gets significantly busier with both people and horses during the annual event, held at the start of June.

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