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Drax expands their product line - Looking at Fire Door Guards from Fireco

Ever continuing with business expansion we are delighted to become a Fireco approved installer.

According to Fireco there are about 30 million fire doors in the UK and three million more fitted each year. Fire doors stop fire and smoke from spreading through buildings  and they need to be closed to carry this out. Wedging open fire doors is dangerous but can be common practise, heavy and difficult to open they can also cause injuries or worse yet trap and isolate. 

There has been a growing need to make fire doors easier and safer to open. 

Fireco products are an excellent solution. Their Dorgard range make compliance easy, ticking boxes for safety in fire risk assessments.
  • Compliance with the relevant Fire and Building Regulations to avoid penalties
  • Compliance with the Equality Act
  • An accessible and inclusive environment
  • Spread of fire is prevented as doors close automatically when alarm sounds
  • Improved ventilation in a building
Just a handful of reasons to want to find out more!

You can call us on 0345 4592300 or email and visit the Fireco Website for more info 
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