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The importance of fire consultancy services to your building project

When it comes to a building project, there are a host of factors you need to think about. One of those aspects of a project that can often get overlooked is fire safety. During the construction stage of a building project, it’s essential that the principles of fire safety are maintained throughout to ensure you avoid any expensive retrospective action.

Just because a property or site is undergoing building work, it doesn’t stop fire regulations from needing to be maintained. From the start of a project, during building, once the property is completed, fire safety is a legal requirement.

Our Fire Consultancy Services monitor any design and construction stage of a project to make sure nothing will have a negative impact on the fire system’s efficiency. The team at Drax Services are able to produce a construction site fire safety risk assessment to help outline measures needed to ensure life safety and property protection during the building stage.

This is beneficial for a number of reasons, especially where temporary conditions are complex, high-risk materials are being used, or where a phased construction and occupation is required. We can also produce regular updates for fire safety strategy during the construction stage to reflect any ongoing alterations on site. This supports continued consultation with the relevant authorities as well as providing a route to an as-built fire safety report when the project is complete.

Drax Consultancy Services

Fire Engineering Design: By working closely with architects, builders, and clients, the team is able to provide innovative and practical support to ensure fire safety measures are maintained. Drax can also provide an independent evaluation of planned fire engineering solutions that will include testing at the conclusion of the project to ensure regulations are met for end users.

Fire Inspection Services: Drax Services will provide an impartial and expert inspection of your site to guarantee that fire protection systems are operating effectively. This will also ensure your systems continue to detect, control and extinguish fires, and that anyone working on the site before, during and after a project are protected.

Business Continuity: The team at Drax are also able to provide a variety of business continuity and environmental fire-risk assessments, hazard audits, and general fire system assessments from the culmination of a project.

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