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Office and Industrial

Since 1997, Drax has been helping offices and organisations, large and small, to fulfill their obligations in respect of life safety and property protection; organisations like yours that have benefitted from expert advice and the specialist services that we offer. Life safety systems are a critical aspect of a building. Lives may depend on the technology you use, its installation and its maintenance. Property protection is top of the list of companies becoming ever more sensitive to issues of business continuity, liability and the provision of adequate security and fire protection.

Drax are not tied to one manufacturer and can provide independent and unbiased advice on the full range of competing systems in the marketplace. We'll make sure you invest in just the right technology to suit your budget and your application.
We can support a wide range of systems including:
  • Fire Alarms
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Air Sampling Smoke Detection (ASD)
  • Fixed & Portable Fire Extinguishing
  • Fire Suppression
  • Radio Fire Alarm Systems
  • Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems
  • Disabled Refuge
  • Leak Detection Systems
The Drax holistic approach, encompasses design compliance with the relevant standards, site appraisal, expert advice on product specification, management of resources to meet deadlines, liaison with main contractors, regulatory authorities, other trades and end users, system handover and training. Each project undertaken by us is assigned an experienced Project Manager to look after the day-to-day running of the contract.

Like any piece of equipment, regular maintenance is the key to longevity. Despite protecting your investment, being able to prove that a system has been maintained is a legal requirement to compliance. 

Ask yourself, when was the last time you were stood outside of a building because the fire alarm has sounded only to be told 'it was a false alarm'. There is no such thing as a false alarm. 'Unwanted' alarms to give them a more accurate description, occur for a number of reasons, not least poor maintenance. If you want to avoid unnecessary cost in time and money to your business it is essential you choose the best life safety provider.
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