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Comply Stay Alive CPD

Stay Alive!

"A highly interactive and eye-opening CPD which focuses on a real life fatal fire incident in a care home. Explore what went wrong and gain knowledge of how the latest standards and fire technology is being implemented to prevent similar tragedies."

Last Friday Gary Elson from Gent delivered their 'Comply, Stay Alive' CPD on our behalf at the Essentia offices in London. The CPD investigates a tragic fire that occured at a care home in Scotland. It follows a video developed by the Scottish Fire Brigade that highlights, in detail, what went wrong and how lives could have been saved.

Essentia manage the facilities at Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust Foundation and we work closely with them to deliver maintenance and projects across the two hospitals, where we have dedicated site based teams.

The CPD was extremely well attended by more than twenty Essentia staff, who found the day both 'worthwhile' and 'incredibly informative'.

You can see our Business Development Manager Jeremy Allen with Paul Trower from Essentia distributing Gent by Honeywell Fire Alarm Design & Installation Guides to all who attended. 

Honeywell has a range of CPD Seminars that are recognised as the fire industry's principle education forum. For further information you can visit the Gent website here or contact us
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