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Fire Safety, Fidget Spinners and False Alarms
Had enough of the latest fidget spinner craze yet? It will come. They are everywhere, much like fire safety - though our industry would be deemed far more important than the latest toy fad and rightly so. Although this latest ‘toy fad’ was born out of a serious need for learning support aids and initially deemed incredibly useful, on the flip side something as crucial as life safety can become an annoying, expensive inconvenience when a business property has poor alarm management in place and suffers from false alarms. The whole purpose of life safety systems comes in to jeopardy as soon as the reason behind the alarm comes in to question. Alarms should go off in the required event that a warning is needed. Fidget Spinners should be in place to aid and assist concentration.

This is real life and children like to play, even parents – I have a batman version! In real life ‘false alarms’ can occur, so let’s look deeper to help prevent and manage them.  Firstly, the use of the term 'False Alarm' is often misused when talking about automatic fire detection and alarm systems. A smoke or heat sensor will activate when smoke or excess heat is present. Vehicle exhaust smoke, bonfire smoke or burnt toast are all example of false or unwanted alarms. The sensor is only doing its job and whilst the activation may not be down to a real fire, the sensor has activated for the right reasons. In this case it’s better to refer to it as an ‘unwanted alarm’.

People can be too quick to blame false alarms on faulty equipment. However, modern electronic fire detection and alarm systems are no less reliable these days than any other item of electronic equipment. Fire sensors and control panels are produced not only in their millions by global manufacturing businesses to exacting quality requirements. They are also subject to an expensive approvals process prior to being released to market, designed to ensure they meet the appropriate European safety standards.

Drax can assist your business and work with the ‘responsible person’ to ensure several factors responsible for ‘unwanted alarms’ are quantified and reported, thus providing a clear indication of what needs to be done to reduce the occurrence of 'unwanted alarms'. We have evidence from large institutions that use the Drax Technology AMX software we supply, that demonstrates how effectively ‘unwanted alarms’ can be reduced. Achieved after collecting data from the fire detection and alarm systems, analysing that data and then instigating measures to ensure 'unwanted alarms' do not re-occur. 

'Unwanted alarms' need to be prevented to keep you compliant, save you money and more importantly keep everyone that enters your premises safe at all times. Do give us a call so that we can discuss which style of fidget spinner you have, I mean, which fire safety system you have in place and what measures we can put in to ensure your fire safety never becomes a frustration and does exactly what it is supposed to - Saves Lives.

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