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Aspirating Smoke Detection
Are your aspirating detection systems working properly and enabling an early and effective response to the first signs of smoke?

Drax Services has the experience to provide regular testing and maintenance of all classes of aspirating smoke detection systems including normal, enhanced and very high sensitivity device.

We have the expertise to ensure that systems continue to operate at peak efficiency and check that sensitivity thresholds are compliant with regulatory requirements as environmental conditions change. All regular and routine testing and maintenance is completed on a six-monthly basis in accordance with British Standards Guidelines.

Here is a picture Engineer David Brooks sent in yesterday from Cranfield University which albeit a stunning photo, failed to capture the moment a nesting pigeon scared the living daylights out of him - we can't repeat his exact version of events! Good to know our health and safety measures are always adhered to and no harm was done to both David and the pigeon!
Make sure your system is up to date and compliant and if you have any doubts don't hesitate to contact us at Drax for a comprehensive review.

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