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Gain control, save money and reduce false alarms with your Gent system
Back in July Gent by Honeywell announced the introduction of their ViginSite tool. What does this mean for Facilities Managers?

Basically, with the ViginSite tool you are able to quickly identify how old each different piece of fire safety equipment is. This allows more control over budgets and planning with less likelihood of unexpected costs. More importantly you maintain control over compliance, essential to every business.
This is always about life safety. Too often we read yet another news story of a business with a hefty fine for non-compliance that has greater consequences far beyond what you read in the news and tragically these news stories don’t always have such a positive outcome of a simple £75000 fine.

According to Simon Foulkes, Gent Product Manager, ‘There are many thousands of Gent legacy systems all over the UK and Ireland and some will inevitably contain devices that, due to their age, are no longer fit for purpose. These products can cause high numbers of unwanted alarms or, more importantly, fail to detect fire in its early stages.’

Drax recognise if you are reading this you are one of many outstanding facilities managers who feel passionately about their role and what they give to their fellow colleagues by maintaining safe, suitable and secure buildings.
This is why we constantly seek to thank, reward and make your job easier. The VigInSite tool from Gent does exactly this.

Gent first undertook an extensive research programme into the lifespan of their products and components and found these range from 7 years for a Carbon Monoxide detector, 14 years for a smoke scatter light emitting diod and 20 years for equipment such as control panels, interfaces and other field devices.

As a Gent 24 Approved Systems Integrator, Drax can now plug ViginSite directly into a Vigilon control panel and allow its advanced software to identify the age of each device.

You then receive an inventory which uses a traffic light system to provide instant visual guides as to what action should be taken.

This saves time and money and gives you the peace of mind which should be taken for granted dealing with safety within your buildings.

Call the team at Drax 0345 4592300 to book a free visit or email Kelly on for further details.

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