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Daily Snapshot - FIA

As part of our ongoing strategy to provide the best possible service we regularly review our third party certifications, memberships and associations.

This week we will be shining a light on a few schemes we feel particularly proud to be part of.

Today will snapshot our FIA accreditation.

Who are they?
The Fire Industry Association is the largest fire protection trade association in the UK. They are a not-for-profit organisation and a major provider of Fire Safety Training. Their objective is to promote, improve and perfect fire protection methods, devices, services and apparatus.
The FIA is the organisation that government and regulators ‘go to’ when they want to know the fire industry’s views on proposals and changes to fire safety issues and legislation.

What else do they do?
The FIA has a duty to inform the public about good practice. Employers in particular are often confused as to their responsibilities and the FIA provide all the guidance needed.
Visit their website to find free information for Duty Holders as well as a Best Practice Guide to Fire Safety in Commercial Premises.

Who can join?
They only allow members that have third­ party certification such as BAFE SP203, SP101/ST104 or LPS1014 or manufacturers that are BS EN ISO 9001 certificated.
The FIA are not interested in representing contractors who are not up to the job and who give the industry a bad name. Credibility, a reputation for high quality and second­-to­-none service are what FIA members are about.

More reasons we are glad to be connected …
FIA members sit on 50 different boards and committees, influencing developments and helping to decide how the industry moves forward.
As an affiliate of the British Standards Institution (BSi), the FIA’s knowledge and heritage is essential to the development of new standards and the evolution of existing ones.

You can contact the FIA team to find out more on 0203 1665002

Drax Services are committed to the protection of people and property. We enable customers to easily comply with regulatory requirements and protect business continuity.

We would encourage all end users to regularly review your fire safety and be sure you carry out thorough checks when making any life safety decisions.

Please don’t hesitate to talk to our communications team at or call Kelly on 0345 4592300 if you have further questions.

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