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Daily Snapshot - BAFE

As part of our ongoing strategy to provide the best possible service we regularly review our third party certifications, memberships and associations.

This week we will be shining a light on a few schemes we feel particularly proud to be part of.

Today will snapshot our BAFE third party certification. 

Who are they?
BAFE is an independent, third party certification registration organisation for the fire protection industry.
If you require fire protection services for your premises, then you need BAFE to be sure that the companies that provide them meet all the appropriate standards and are independently audited.

What else do they do?
They have a variety of schemes to help you look for a competent organisation that can deal with your specific enquiry.

Who can join?
Registering a company with BAFE is completely voluntary. It does prove you are happy to be independently audited and meet the necessary requirements needed to be certified and BAFE registered. This shows potential clients you are more than competent to fulfil their fire protection needs.
All of their registered SP203-1 companies are third party certified from UKAS accredited certification bodies and also hold an ISO9001 certificate.

More reasons to feel proud of our connection …
There is a growing list of public sector procurement bodies that now specify BAFE as a requirement for their fire protection needs. This is due to the strong reputation BAFE brings to its strict assessment criteria to become registered

Demonstrates that we have ongoing independent assessments to ensure quality and competency is held to a high standard.

You can visit or contact BAFE on 0844 3350897 ​to find out more.

Drax Services are committed to the protection of people and property. We enable customers to easily comply with regulatory requirements and protect business continuity.

We would encourage all end users to regularly review your fire safety and be sure you carry out thorough checks when making any life safety decisions.

If you have any questions about anything here please don’t hesitate to talk to our communications team at or call Kelly on: 0345 4592300.

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