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Shop keepers fined for firework safety breach
Two shopkeepers have been handed sizeable fines after breaching fire safety law related to the storage of fireworks.

The duo were fined in separate cases after being found to have breached the Explosive Regulations Act 2015 after fire safety officers discovered a number of serious offenses. The UK spends over £15 million on fireworks each year, and the fire service have seen an increase in these incidents of businesses falling foul of these laws.

Mr Aamar Ahmed of Esmond Road, Manchester, was handed a £5,000 fine after fire safety officers found fireworks strewn across his shop rather than being correctly locked up, as well as discovering Hazard Type 3 product hidden behind a vending machine. Mr Ahmed pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the Explosive Regulations Act – an offence that could have resulted in a custodial sentence.

In a separate case, Khawar Rehman of Tansley Road, Manchester, was given a four-month curfew and ordered to pay £1,400 costs and a £60 victim surcharge after pleading guilty to a similar offence. Fire safety officers found fireworks all over the shop floor, with others in display cabinets without doors or locks. Mr Rehman was also found to be storing Hazard Type 3 fireworks despite not holding the correct licenses for explosives of that size.

With over 1,000 suffering firework-related injuries each year, some of which occur due to incorrect storage, fire safety officers across the country have been cracking down on those who breach the regulations. While licenses are required by businesses selling fireworks year-round, that isn’t the case at certain times of the year; most notably Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve. 
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