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Comply Stay Alive CPD

Stay Alive!

"A highly interactive and eye-opening CPD which focuses on a real life fatal fire incident in a care home. Explore what went wrong and gain knowledge of how the latest standards and fire technology is being implemented to prevent similar tragedies."

Last Friday Gary Elson from Gent delivered their 'Comply, Stay Alive' CPD on our behalf at the Essentia offices in London. The CPD investigates a tragic fire that occured at a care home in Scotland. It follows a video developed by the Scottish Fire Brigade that highlights, in detail, what went wrong and how lives could have been saved.

Essentia manage the facilities at Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust Foundation and we work closely with them to deliver maintenance and projects across the two hospitals, where we have dedicated site based teams.

The CPD was extremely well attended by more than twenty Essentia staff, who found the day both 'worthwhile' and 'incredibly informative'.

You can see our Business Development Manager Jeremy Allen with Paul Trower from Essentia distributing Gent by Honeywell Fire Alarm Design & Installation Guides to all who attended. 

Honeywell has a range of CPD Seminars that are recognised as the fire industry's principle education forum. For further information you can visit the Gent website here or contact us

Investing in our People - that includes you

The Drax UK Group has been placed under a microscope recently, with a full review of our Investors In People accreditation. As ever we welcomed the opportunity for a holistic evaluation of where we are as a company especially in light of, such a heavy period of business growth over the last few months.

'The Investors in People Standard sets out how the very best organisations manage, develop and lead their people.’

You can be confident that when you work with an investor in people business; they'll be investing in staff who will invest in you – our customer. Here are some highlights from our congratulatory report when we found out we had secured and will continue with this highly sought after accreditation:
  • Although the business has grown rapidly over the past few years the senior team have strived to maintain an environment of trust and transparency. The senior team keep themselves visible, and encourage an open approach with the team. During the interviews, many people spoke about the fact that they are not micro-managed and are trusted within their roles. This was further evident in the online feedback and backed up by the interviews with quotes including:
“I’m really trusted in my role, and don’t feel micro-managed”
“The management look to support people, and are really genuine in their approach”
“It was the openness of the Senior Team that made me want to join Drax”
  • This strong level of trust in the leadership was echoed in the online assessment feedback, where 92% of people answered highly when asked if they trust leaders in the organisation. This is an extremely positive response, and one that the senior team should be incredibly proud of. The values of Drax are clear to see throughout the business, as they strive for their ultimate goal of being a supplier of choice.
  • People consistently spoke of the following key themes which run throughout the business:
Quality    Pride    Safety    Fairness    Honesty    Transparency    and    Integrity
Importance of 1st time Fix (but not cutting corners or rushing to get there)
Strong focus on developing people to the highest standard
  • In the interviews, it was additionally clear that people take pride, responsibility and accountability in their roles with many examples given where individuals have gone above and beyond to ensure that the values are lived.
  • When looking at continuous development, people fed back in interviews that they feel empowered to look at new ways of working, and will often look to learn from external partners, such as sub-contractors, suppliers, trade journals and industry experts. With a wealth of internal experience, Drax are also looking to share their own expertise to the external market, through online thought leadership articles. This gives the business a strong opportunity to engage with the external community and supports Drax’s ambition to become ‘the supplier of choice’.
“The management are very appreciative of my efforts and will always recognise my work”
“Drax is a very supportive company, on both a personal and professional level”
“It’s a great place to work, and we are privileged to have such a friendly team”

We are delighted with the results and continue to expand, improve and invest in our people to provide the best possible service all round.

Should you wish to discuss anything here please contact  To find our more about the IIP scheme click here.

Speak To Us At The Smart Buildings Show This November

Drax Services have the pleasure of partnering with Drax Technology to hold a pop up stand at their exhibition this November. The Smart Buildings Show is an innovative new event held at the Barbican, London. Smart buildings look beyond the building equipment within their four walls. They are connected and responsive and they interact with building operators and occupants to give them new levels of visibility and actionable information.

The Smart Buildings Show will cover all key aspects of creating and managing a smart building, including;

Building automation systems
Energy efficiency
Lighting and controls
Smart meters and monitoring
Networks and wireless
Services and support
Building automation and design
Building energy management
Regulations and consultancy

Drax Services is an accredited Drax Technology Partner. Our extensive integration and communications experience, using products supplied by Drax Technology, a group company, helps organisations to manage their alarm systems more efficiently extending the life of existing systems.

To find out more register for the event here and come and visit us at Stand G2.

Aspirating Smoke Detection

Are your aspirating detection systems working properly and enabling an early and effective response to the first signs of smoke?

Drax Services has the experience to provide regular testing and maintenance of all classes of aspirating smoke detection systems including normal, enhanced and very high sensitivity device.

We have the expertise to ensure that systems continue to operate at peak efficiency and check that sensitivity thresholds are compliant with regulatory requirements as environmental conditions change. All regular and routine testing and maintenance is completed on a six-monthly basis in accordance with British Standards Guidelines.

Here is a picture Engineer David Brooks sent in yesterday from Cranfield University which albeit a stunning photo, failed to capture the moment a nesting pigeon scared the living daylights out of him - we can't repeat his exact version of events! Good to know our health and safety measures are always adhered to and no harm was done to both David and the pigeon!
Make sure your system is up to date and compliant and if you have any doubts don't hesitate to contact us at Drax for a comprehensive review.

Email or call 0345 4592300.
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